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Dry eyes in Burke

Although dry eyes can be made worse by winter weather, they are by no means exclusive to that time of year. At the practice of Rana Iman, OD, you can expect the expert help for relief from dry eyes so that you won’t have to deal with the frustration and discomfort.

The cause of dye eyes is not weather or the climate inside your home, although those are factors that affect it. The cause is that your eyes are not creating enough tears to lubricate your eyes, or they are not creating tears of sufficient quality to get the job done properly. It’s more common than many people realize, and our Burke optometry office is dedicated to treatment as well as guiding you toward lifestyle adjustments that will make the problem less likely to reoccur. Risk factors such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma cannot be changed, of course, and if you take certain medication that may contribute to dry eyes, like beta blockers, antihistamines, or diuretics, it might not be possible to change them, eliminate them, or adjust dosages, though it’s always worth talking to the prescribing doctor about it. If you notice symptoms that include blurry vision, eye pain, a feeling of scratchiness or burning in your eyes, or your contacts suddenly seem to be causing you discomfort, it’s possible that you’re suffering from dye eyes. Come to our Burke optometry office for an examination and evaluation. The most common treatment is artificial tears, a type of eye drop, that comes in regular and prescription strength depending on your need. Surgery is not usually recommended unless artificial tears are not effective, and some environmental changes like avoiding smoke and wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses on windy days make no significant difference.

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