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Dry eyes in Burke

Tears are essential in keeping your eyes healthy and clean. Dry eye is a condition that is caused when the tears are not able to adequately lubricate the eyes. This causes unpleasant symptoms. The condition can be temporary or chronic depending on the cause. When it persists, it should be evaluated by an eye doctor at a Burke optometry office.

Dry eye is a common eye condition in which the tears are inadequate and are unable to do their job, which is to keep the eyes moist and clean. The condition has some very unpleasant symptoms which can include some or a combination of the following: stinging, burning, itchiness, redness, eye pain, a gritty feeling-as if something is in the eye, discharge (mucus), periods of watery eyes, temporary eye fatigue, temporary blurred vision, sensitivity to light, heavy eyelids and eye strain when using the computer or reading. Over-the-counter artificial tears may be enough to solve the problem. However, if symptoms are severe and/or they persist, it may be necessary to see an eye doctor at a Burke optometry office for evaluation and treatment options. Although the symptoms can be the same, there are different types of dry eye: low quality of tears (inadequate tear production) and low quantity of tears. The most common type is due to inadequate tear production. Ironically, there is sometimes an overproduction of tears (watery eyes) in response to the lack of moisture but these tears are of poor quality. Luckily, the condition is not always permanent. People can get temporary dry eye symptoms from several factors that include but are not limited to: environmental irritants, taking certain medications & after having cataract and LASIK eye surgeries. Many environmental irritants cause temporary dry eye symptoms. Some of them are: wind blowing in one’s eyes, chemical fumes, heat, sun exposure and allergens. For some, dry eye is a chronic but it can be treated and managed fairly easily by an eye doctor.

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