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Weather conditions such as wind, sun and dry conditions may irritate eyes so that they stop producing enough tears, causing a condition called dry eyes. Dry eyes can be seasonal or chronic, becoming a very uncomfortable condition. At the offices of Dr. Rana Iman, OD, we treat dry eyes in our Burke optometry office. When eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep up with evaporation, they can become too dry. Some eyes may produce low quality tears that are not lubricating eyes correctly.

Other factors such as age, gender and arthritis can affect dry eyes. Those who have had LASIK in the past may find they suffer from dry eye syndrome. If dry eyes are not treated, they can cause damage to the cornea. Dry eyes can make eyes red, bloodshot and uncomfortable, but patients don’t have to live in pain and discomfort. When treating dry eyes our Burke optometry office may prescribe over the counter eye drops, prescription medications, or pills. Limiting exposure to allergens can also help. As a last resort, patients may opt to have surgery or tear duct plugs put in. Each individual case is different, and therefore we treat each case of dry eyes accordingly.

Our Burke optometry office also provides patients with the best in comprehensive exams, glaucoma screenings, evaluations, cataract surgery and LASIK evaluations. LASIK is a type of vision correction procedure that uses a painless laser to reshape the cornea. Those with nearsighted eyes, farsighted eyes or astigmatism can all use LASIK to see clearly. Most patients no longer need corrective lenses after LASIK surgery, but some may still need to wear lenses during certain times. The entire procedure only takes about 15 minutes. Patients should find that their vision begins clearing up by the same day, or within a few days.

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